Report – A New England Food Vision

Food Solutions New England (FSNE) announced the release of A New England Food Vision, a collaborative report and bold vision outlining how New England can locally produce at least 50 percent of clean, fair, just and accessible food for all citizens by 2060.  Incorporating more than three years of collaborative research and input from hundreds of voices throughout New England, A New England Food Vision imagines a future that is possible if the region were it to commit to supporting sustainable food systems for all New Englanders.

A New England Food Vision is a collaborative report championed by Food Solutions New England (FSNE), a network serving as a convener and cultivator of our regional food system and an initiative of the Sustainability Institute. An initial concept of the Vision was proposed at the first FSNE New England Food Summit in 2011. Over the next three years, the evolving Vision figured prominently in a series of regional and state summits, meetings, and workshops. The result was A New England Food Vision, a collaborative effort from the authors Brian Donahue, Joanne Burke, Molly Anderson, Amanda Beal, Tom Kelly, Mark Lapping, Hannah Ramer, Russell Libby, and Linda Berlin.

This briefing highlights the details of the vision and how the region is already putting the ideas to work.

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